Robert Service Quote Leather & Brass Cuff Bracelet

Robert Service Quote Leather & Brass Cuff Bracelet

This leather and brass cuff bracelet is distressed and aged with an antiqued patina.  The hand stamped text featuring a portion of the poem "The Nostomaniac" by Robert William Service evokes the call of the wild Tundra. 

  • Details

    Leather, Brass

    Text reads:
    "I know the trail I am seeking
    It's up by the lake of the bear
    It's down by the arctic barrens
    It's over to Hudson's Bay
    Maybe I'll get there-maybe-
    Death is set by a hair.
    Hark it's the Northland calling
    Now must I go away
    Go to the wild that waits for me
    Go where the moose and musk ox be
    Go to the wolf and the secret snows
    go to my fate."

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