New Quote Jewelry Coming Soon!

A new line is coming to Little Brown Bird Jewelry this fall. Here's a sneak peak at some new quote jewelry featuring inspirational and meditative quotes, including some original poetry from myself!

"An Unfinished Soul" by Mary Ryan

It's a bit daunting to put my own words out there, sort of like showing your soul to the world. But once those words go from random "post-it" notes to being hammered onto metal, they take on a life of their own.

Poetry Quote Jewelry

New works in progress.

The new line will be rings, pendants, and cuffs in a combination of silver, brass, leather, and really whatever else I feel like working with that day. Also, there will be a new focus on more men's jewelry and gender neutral styles that can be worn by anyone.

My handmade stamped quote jewelry can also be personalized. If you have a favorite quote or message that you'd like stamped, custom orders are always welcome! Item listings will begin popping up soon in my shop, or you can contact me for information on pre-orders. Holiday shopping season is just around the corner so make your requests early!

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